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Palasha Fabrics LLC provides premium PVC-coated fabric products, revolutionizing the distribution network by eliminating intermediary costs to meet your business needs and offering customizations. 


Palasha Fabrics provides premium PVC-coated vinyl upholstery fabrics (faux leather/vegan leather) to meet the diverse needs of our clients in industries such as automotive, public spaces and transportation, marine, commercial, contract, education, healthcare and hospitality.


Palasha Fabrics is the exclusive supplier of an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer who has serviced 40+ countries for over 2 decades. They are also a key OEM supplier for the Indian Government (Railways) and other automotive companies.


Connecting manufacturer to business, our progressive approach cuts middlemen, optimizing cost while offering customizations, agility and propelling enterprises with a competitive edge.

Customization Features

Palasha Fabrics differentiates itself by offering customization opportunities to medium and large size customers of our PVC vinyl coated fabrics to meet their exact requirements and specifications.


The customization features include:

- Adjustable thickness options
- Diverse colors
- Textures & patterns
- Backing materials
- Tailored performance features various applications
- Third-party lab testing services to comply with legal standards