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Premium Vinyl Upholstery Fabrics

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Our product selection caters to different industries and applications such as marine, automotive, contract, hospitality, medical, and residential. We also offer a variety of features such as high durability, heavy-duty, flexibility, and waterproofing


Unyielding Durability, 

Unbeatable Value

A heavy-duty, economical faux leather fabric - perfect for automotives, public transportation & spaces, and general indoor furnishings in commercial spaces

Prices are per roll (1 roll = 27 yards)


Marine-Grade Durability,

Indoors & Outdoors

A heavy-duty, waterproof faux leather fabric - best suited for indoor and outdoor use, healthcare, education, automotive, and high-traffic public spaces like airports and offices

Prices are per roll (1 roll = 27 yards)


Marine-Grade Durability,

Meets Flexibility

Indoors & Outdoors

A heavy-duty, waterproof, flexible fabric that withstands harsh environmental conditions. Suited for indoor/outdoor use like hospital beds, all-terrain vehicles, boats, and stadiums

Prices are per roll (1 roll = 27 yards)

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Palasha Fabrics provides premium PVC-coated vinyl upholstery fabrics (faux leather/vegan leather) to meet the diverse needs of our clients in industries such as automotive, public spaces and transportation, marine, commercial, healthcare, education and hospitality.

Connecting manufacturer to business, our progressive approach cuts middlemen, optimizing cost while offering customizations, agility and propelling enterprises with a competitive edge.

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We offer customization opportunities for not only large but medium size orders as well. Available for orders as small as 2000 meters, in up to 5 custom colors. Some examples of customizable features include color, texture, design, performance features, backing materials, etc.

PVC vs. PU Leather

Faux leather, is a general term describing artificial materials used to imitate genuine leather. Produced from a range of substances like PU and PVC, faux leather serves as a cost-effective and great substitute for real leather in upholstery, fashion, and accessories...